Auto Punching / Binding / Twin-wire forming machine

WealthyAutomatic Punching Machine

Model: AP520



Max. Paper size :     530W x 500L

Max. Punching size :  520mm

Max Paper thickness : 2mm

Max. Machine speed : 90 Cycles/min. 

Technical Advantages:

- Digital pile height control for the feeder table guaranteeing constant paper feeding,

- Special locking device for the punching tool, enabling quiet operation,

- Interchangeable punching tools with easy & swift slide-in/slide out,

- Reliable electric system with Siemens PLC and Fuji drive.

WealthyTwin Wire Binding Machine

Model: TWB-520


Max. Paper Width: 520mm

Max. Binding Width: 507mm

Wire Specifications: Diameter 1/4”-7/8”; Pitch 4:1”, 3:1” and 2:1”,

Max. Machine speed: 1300 Cycles/hour

Technical Advantages:

- Smooth feeding table,

- Stepping motor controlling wire feeding and transporting,

- Automatic hanger feeding device included

- Electrical control with Siemens PLC

WealthyAutomatic Twin Wire Forming Machine

Model: TWF-500


Max. machine speed 500 loops / min depending on the coil diameter and pitch size

Technical Advantages:

- Accurate and stable pitch,

- No lubrication for the wire required during operation,

- Perfect formed wire without scratching,

- One operator can be good for running 3 machines simultaneously.