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 Tidland, since creating the very first air shaft, Tidland has strived to build products that are durable, designed for easy use, and engineered for reliable, long-lasting operation.  This experience has led to the development of the most effective slitting and winding systems you'll find. Advance Slitting and Winding systems
TIDLAND Products              Air Shafts GX Ultra-Lightweight Ergonomic Air Shaft
  • Series 500 & 550 lug shafts
  • Series 450 & 480 button shafts
  • Series 300 Pad shafts
  • Series 600, 650 & 750 Leaf Shafts
  • Series 800 External Element Air Shafts
  • Series 850 External Element Air Shafts
  • D1-D4 Differential Air Shafts
  Series 600 and 650 Leaf ShaftsSeries 600 Leaf Shaft

Series 500 Air-Expanding Lug Shaft 

Series 500 & 550 Lug Shafts
  • Electronic Slitter positioning
  • Edge-trim self-contained shear slitting system
  • Mechanically linked slitting system

Edge-trim self-contained shear slitting system  

           Electronic Slitter positioning  ESP - Electronic Slitter Positioning Systems    
     Air Chucks Force5 Chuck     Mechanical Shaftless Chucks Air Tire Chucks   

  • Force 5 air chucks
  • Raptor Series air powered lug chuck
  • Raptor Series torque chuck
  • Mechanical chuck
  • Performance Series knifeholder
  • Performance Series crush knifeholder
  • Digital measurement system
  • Precision lock crush slitter knifeholder

Class II Knifeholder

Class II e-Knifeholder 

Class III Knifeholder

Class III e-Knifeholder

Performance Series Crush Knifeholder

Performance Series Knifeholders


See how easy it is to set up and operate the Performance Series Knifeholder 

For more detail about the products, please click to http://tidland.maxcessintl.com