Gustav Göckel  Maschinenfabrik GmbH
    Knife Grinding Machine
  • - Grinding motor capacity 2 to 11kw
  • - Grinding length from 1000 to 7000mm
  • - Grinding head up to 250mm diameter
  • - Grinding widths up to 225mm

Product's advantages

  • high precision also on extreme grinding lengths and grinding widths thanks to GÖCKEL-SYSTEM (carriage moving grinding machine).
  • GÖCKEL-SYSTEM enables a two stationary grinding: loading at left, grinding at right, and vice versa. For you that means: no machine-stop for loading, unloading or turning of work-piece.
  • small space requirement as the table doesn't move.
  • low maintenance cost, out of clear design.
  • complete production - out of one hand, f.e. machine knife grinding machine, honing machine and handling system.

schematic demonstration of the two stationary grinding principle, the sections are divided in two magnetic tables)

The magnetic table is divided in two sections which can be demagnetized and magnetized independently. The width of the station depends on the machine type, the length is free selectable.

Magnetic table can be demagnetized and magnetized independently. So you can grind on one section and the second section will be loaded. All the times like turning, cleaning and unloading are counted in the grinding time. The machine is working at 100% of the capacity. A double security protects the operator.