Used Equipment
Used Equipment

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Type: BF524A

Year of construction: 1994

Technical Data:

  • Rounding and backing
  • Head lining
  • Casing in
  • Pressing and joint forming
  • 3 knives trimmer

Condition: Good running condition 

                  Can be seen in produdction  


One used SHM 1400 High speed sheeting machine

(转售一台SHM 1400 高速裁切机)

Year (年份): 1993   

Equipped with (机械附有) :  

4 shafted unwinds (4个放卷轴)

Machine condition (机器性能): As is in running condition (运作中)


Used Comprint 8 colour Gravure press (金印八色凹印机)

Model (型号): Boardmaster
Maximum Web width (最宽纸度): 1 meter (1)
Maximum Unwind and Rewind diameter (最大放卷及收卷直直径): 1.5 meter
Complete with Auto registering system and auto splicing system