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COMPRINT Australia Pty. Ltd.
COMPRINT ENGINEERING INT'L LTD has been designing, manufacturing and supplying printing and packaging equipment for over 50 years.

Comprint prides itself on its retained industry and process knowledge, and offers a comprehensive engineering design service to provide the printing and converting industry with a complete "engineered solution" package, to address all processing problems.

Latest development of CTP1400 Sheeter for cutting valuable printed reel. HS1400 for paper converting industrial. Rotary hot foil stamping / diecutting production line with option rewind facility.

Various products from Comprint:

CTP 1400 Cut to Register Sheeting Machine

  • Maximum web width: 1400mm
  • Maximum speed: 300m/min
  • Maximum knife load: 600gsm
  • Cutting accuracy:+/- 0.1mm

Twin Motor (TM 1400) Sheeter
  • Maximum web width: 1400mm
  • Maximum speed: 300m/min
  • Maximum knife load: 600gsm
  • Cutting accuracy: 0.5mm

Optional Accessories

  • J Series Reel Stand
  • Auto shaftless unwind CS1500
  • 3 station slitting unit
  • Individual high speed tape drive
  • Beater roller
  • Edge roll decurler
  • Ribbon type trim waste removal system
  • Web tension control
  • Web guiding unit
  • Vacuum tail arrest
  • Layboy top tapes
  • Knife air jets
  • Static eliminator
  • Cut to preprint system
  • Buttom knife suction device
  • Delivery top tapes
  • Tape inserter
  • Reject gate
  • Non-stop delivery
  • In-line with press
  • Auto length and squareness control

Auto shaftless Unwind

(CS 1500)

Forwarding Tape unit/Slow Down

Over Lapping Tape Unit

CTP Model

3 Station Slitting Unit

Vacuum Tail Arrest Unit


Maximum web width 1400mm (55")

Cutt off range: maximum


1500mm (59")

400mm (16")

Max mechanical speed 300metres / min (990ft / min)
Maximum pile heightIncluding pallet 1200mm (47")
Maximum pile weightIncluding pallet 1500kg (3300Ibs)


Electrical load 16.5kw on 380 V supply
Air consumption 0.08cu. metres minute @5.5 bar(3 cu.ft. / minute @80 p.s.i.)
Maximum knife load Multi webs up to a total of 600gsm.Single card up to 500gsm depending on density and cut quality required.

Gravure Series:

G 1000 Gravure Press (Film/Paper)

G5000 Gravure Printing Press


Maximum web/printing width

Minimum web width



Printing repeat range



Maximum roll diameter

Inside core diameter

Direction of unwinding & splicing




One directions

Sheeting Specification:

Cut-off range

Cutting accuracy

Maximum stacking height

Maximum stacking weight


500-1100mm infinitely variable

+ 0.1mm for register cut


2 tons


Maximum roll diameter

Inside core diameter

Direction of rewinding & splicing




One direction

Maximum Operating Speed

Note: Print speeds are influenced by the type and quality of the substrates inks and solvents, and the printing design.

300 metres/min

Typical material range:

Paper and Cardboard


60gsm - 350gsm

Tension range

6 - 80kg

Main drive (standard) - DC thyristor controlled


Drying System

Electric with Recuperator heat recovery system.

Other systems available upon request.

FG500 Flexo Press

- The Comprint FG500 introduces a new concept to the printing of labels and flexible packaging.

- The modular construction of the press allows flexibility of specification, you have the choice of a comprehensive range of unwinding, rewinding and in-line converting systems.

- It can print in any one of three modes of operation:

  1. As a dedicated flexographic printing press
  2. As a dedicated rotogravure printing press
  3. Or as a combined flexographic-rotogravure printing press.   
  • Maximum web width 500m
  • Maximum unwind and rewind roll diameter 800mm
  • Maximum operating speed 150m/min
  • Printing repeat 250-500gsm
  • Typical material range

- Polypropylene - OPP/BOPP

- Polyester

- Alumimum Foil

- Paper

- Composite laminates

Multiflex 1000 Wet and Dry Laminator

  • Maximum coating width 1000mm
  • Maximum mechanical speed 250m/min.
  • Processing webs:

- Aluminium

- Paper

- Polyethylene


- Polyester cellulose and a wide range of flexible packaging substrates

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