Web Handling
FIFE   Edge Guiding Systems
Fife, It all started with the invention of the first web guiding system over 60 years ago.  Since then, Fife has continued to engineer and develop truly innovative web guiding and inspection products, providing you with solutions that are sure to increae web efficiency and productivity.
Leading Edge Guiding and Inspection Systems
Advanced guiding systems for web handling
  • D-Max series web guide systems

  • CDP-01 Web guide controller

  • Polaris DP-20 web guide controller


(See how easy D-MAX is to use. View the interactive demo.   )


CDP-01 Controller


Symat 25 Offset Pivot Guide

Polaris® Web Guide Controller

Web Inspection

Manual InPrint system Scan-A-Web Visual Web Inspection System

InPrint™ Video Web Inspection


Key features:

- Easy to install

- 17 inch S VGA color monitor included with system 

- Camera - High resolution RGB imaging with 30-bit color resolution

- Split screen - Visual image comparison

- Auto Scroll - For the inspection of the entire repeat length

- Freeze - Locks the image shown on the monitor

Product Video   


 SE-31 Ultrasonic Intrinsically Safe Sensor


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