Web Handling


Magpowr, Accurate tension and torque control is crucial to the success of any web process.  For over 35 years, Magpowr (Magnetic Power Systems, Inc.) has led the tension control industry by engineering products that consistently outperform the competition, and deliver the results you want.

Tension Control Products


Offening a broad range of accurate tension controls, tension readouts, load cells, brakes and clutches

Cygnus Tension Control

Tension Controls
  • Cygnus
  • Versatec
  • Trac-3, Trac-4
  • DFC-90 & DFC-A
  • FAD
  • TC-5 & TC-5P
  • PS-90 & PS-24
  • 3B123-1RCP
  • 1PT-E, 1PT
  • 1P80
  • DFP, DFP2

   Cygnus Tension Control
VERSATEC™ Versatile Tension Controllers

Versatec Tension Control 


Spyder Plus Tension Control

Tension Readouts & Amplifiers
  • DTR digital tension readout
  • TR-5 tension readout for wide or narrow web applications
  • TSA & LCA tension load cell amplifiers
  • IS-2 infrinsically safe load cell amplifier
IS-2 intrinsically Safe Web Load Cell Amplifier
TSA and LCA Load Cell Amplifiers
DTR Tension Readout
DTR Digital Tension Readout

Load Cells


  • TS
  • CL Cantilevered load cells for narrow web applications
  • LC-500G Low tension load cells for single strand applications
  • GTS Global load cells for under pillow block applications
  • TSU under pillow block load cells for live shaft rolls
TS Load Cells 
 LC500G Load Cell
TSU Under Pillow Block Tension Load Cells for Live Shaft Rolls

  • DDB double disk pneumatic brake
  • Global brake magnetic particle brakes
  • Perma-Tork permanent magnet clutches and brakes 

Smart Brake

Learn how easy it is to operate and maintain the Smart Brake 

See how easy it is to change brake pads on the Smart Brake 

Global Series Magnetic Particle Brakes

Foot Mounted Magnetic Particle Brake

  • Global series – Magnetic particle clutches
PERMA-TORK® Permanent Magnet Clutches 

Global Series Magnetic Particle Clutches
"C" Series Magnetic Particle Clutches
SOFSTEP® Magnetic Particle Clutches


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