Eagle Systems -Cold Foil Application  

GRAPHIC ART SYSTEMS INC., is an Amercian company specializing in developing and manufacturing of hot and cold foil stamping equipment.  The company has more than 35 years experience in building foil machines.


The remarkable Eco-Eagle cold foil system can be installed on various new and used sheet fed offset presses.  The company is now the market leader in the cold foil systems and will have more than 20 installations worldwide by the end of 2012.


Eco-Eagle features:

²  Compatible with new and existing sheet fed offset presses including KBA, Heidelberg, Manroland, Komori and Mitsubishi.

²      Installs in three days.  On the fourth day the press is back in production.

²   The Eco-Eagle runs itself! No operator adjustments needed and does not even have an operator console.

²      Operator training takes only 4 hours.

²    Innovative design makes the Eco-Eagle foil-stress free.  Eliminates foil dust, foil break, and foil damage that interrupt the production process, reduce product quality and could cause damage to the press.

²      Accommodates coil foil widths from 28”-80”.

²     Runs a single or multiple combinations of cold foil webs from 2” to the full width of the press.  The cold foil webs can be located anywhere on the Eco-Eagle shaft.

²      Advanced foil tracking systems prevent press damage.

²   No troublesome “dancer rolls” which touch the live side of the cold foil and damaging it.

²      Fully guarded to protect workers from on-the-job injuries.

²    Internet connectivity from anywhere in the world allows 24/7 service, support and free software upgrades for the life of the Eco-Eagle.



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